With volume sensors, we transform data into performance 



  • Understand the dynamics of waste production;

  • Introduce on the circuit only the containers that have a significant filling level;

  • Avoid overflow;

  • Create dynamic collections based on the filing level, in order to avoid unnecessary circuits and increased costs.

Advanced features, extraordinary results

  • Robust and with a resistant structure, capable of enduring strong impacts;
  • Water and dust resistant;
  • Adapts to the geometry of each container and communicates every time there is an alteration in the volume;
  • Quick fixation with rivet or screw;
  • Connection to various networks, such as GPRS, LORA, LTE and NB-IoT.

Data transfer to the cloud platform

Following the implementation of the volume sensors on the containers, municipalities and companies will be able to monitor the filling levels in real time, directly on the platform.

Detailed information on the filling level

Obtain crucial data regarding the filling level, which will help you improve the collection´s operation efficiency and insert dynamic collections on your work routine, in order to optimize already established circuits.


The noticeable robustness and long-lasting battery of this device, grant it an impressive period of autonomy of 10 years.


Let's transform the way you manage waste?

With the 360Waste system, we transform challenges into opportunities. Share with us all your needs and prepare yourself for an innovative partnership.

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