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A revolutionary project for waste management

Developed in its entirity by EVOX Technologies, 360waste is a system that promises a more agile and intelligent waste management, conecting Hardware and Software. Aware of factors such as sustainability and 

decrease of the environmental impact, there was a need to create a solution that allowed collection circuits to be optimized, in order to reduce operational costs and pollution levels.  


Overcome waste
management obstacles

The lack of efficiency represents a significant challenge to waste management. Through our platform and respective android application, employees and waste managers perform their functions with effectiveness and have the possibility to manage the whole collection process. We are based in

Castelo Branco, and it is here that we proceed to do the investigation work and development of all our products. The development of our solution in its entirity allows us to present customized solutions that adapt to our client´s needs. 

Our story


  • Development of our first volume sensor;
  • First pilot with volume sensors;
  • First clients;


  • Improvements on the volume sensor;
  • Development of the RFID technology;
  • R&D partnerships;


  • Software improvements;
  • Improvements on the RFID technology;
  • Acquisition of new clients with new demands. 


  • Creation of the G1 software for control and production of bales;
  • M1 Computer vision technologies;
  • Development of the box movement module;
  • Introduction of the CAN BUS equipment.


  • Development of the access control;
  • Introduction of the urban hygiene module;
  • Introduction of the weighing system.

Let's transform the way you manage waste?

With the 360Waste system, we transform challenges into opportunities. Share with us all your needs and prepare yourself for an innovative partnership.

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