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Circuit optimization plays a crucial role on the search for efficiency, performance and economy of resources. For that reason, the acquisition of a new waste management platform becomes an essential strategy to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The 360Waste system provides an

integrated approach that includes the whole waste management process, from its initial phase to the continuous improvement of the circuits, thus establishing a more centralized environment, that not only facilitates control, but also the optimization of various other parameters.


Quick digitalization of container inventory 

Importação de todo o parque de contentores para uma abordagem mais digitalizada que permite uma pesquisa mais vasta, recorrendo a fatores como: ID, local associado, estado de recolha e dados do nível de enchimento. Toda a informação referente ao contentor está disponível para análise na plataforma.

Precision on the collection's date and location of the container

Guarantee that the containers are being collected with the RFID system or use it to geo-reference your equipment on the field.

Containers with
volume sensors

Optimize field operations with the integration of volume sensors on the containers. Obtain information in real time about the filling levels and identify waste production patterns.

Dynamic collections

With the dynamic collections module, the circuits will be more dynamic, compact and efficient, being that the manager can select only the containers with a higher filling level. 


Let's transform the way you manage waste?

With the 360Waste system, we transform challenges into opportunities. Share with us all your needs and prepare yourself for an innovative partnership.

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