Our platform is an advanced solution consisting of intuitive graphical and data aggregator interfaces, derived from many different sources, such as: volume sensors, tablet, push-button boxes, RFID antennas and others.

Circuit Optimization

With the collection information centralized on a single platform, it is possible to optimize operations while using real data. This optimization will depend on the equipment installed on the vehicle, as well as on the information that is being entered throughout collections.

Access Control

System that allows a deeper analysis of the containers, clients and their respective depositions. After these metrics and statistics are generated, they will become available to download and use for analysis. This mechanism can also serve to deny access to a container or, on the other, to grant it with the use of an individual recognition card.

Vehicle tecnology

The equipment installed on the vehicle is meant to facilitate the worker's operation, reduce operational costs and make the circuits more sustainable. The received data is designed to help waste managers analyze the circuits, so they can make more strategic decisions.

Volume sensor

Versatile device that identifies the container's volume in real time. It adapts to the container's geometry and communicates every time there is a significant change in the filling level. It has a very resistant structure that can handle large impacts.


Application available to the citizen that presents a set of features so he can take on a leading role in waste management.

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