Municipalities and collection entities boost their work productivity

Through collaborative tools, digitalization of the whole work process and automatization of repetitive tasks, collection entities can boost their work performance and productivity.

The manual filling out of the collection details is no longer used by the employees, their stops are shorter in each one of the collection points and the efficiency is automatically increased.


Less vehicles, less kilometers, higher profitability

The management of urban waste demands tons of material to be collected and, consequently, thousand of kilometers to be travelled on a daily basis. These factors do not only translate in revelant expenses of fossil fuels, but also on increased costs. A digital waste management will allow circuit optimization in only a few clicks, which therefore generates a significant time saving in tasks that

 would once take hours to be completed. With the use of our platform, there will be less vehicles on the field, there will be less kilometers travelles and fueld consumptions will reduce. Additionally, there will be a significant decrease in resources, wich results in Municipalities and companies to have higher profitability in their work.


Be part of the change

Circuit optimization 


Through monitoring equipments, such as volume sensors, the circuits can be even more optimized and efficient, as they may be altered according to the container's collection need. 

Sustainable driving

With the implementation of the CAN BUS on the vehicle , crucial data of the vehicle remains accessible on the platform for further analysis. In case of evident wear and tear of the vehicle, the drivers should be made aware so they can perform a more sustainable driving.

Abolition of paper

In the digital age, paper abolition is not only a matter of efficiency, but also of sustainability and progress. For that reason, 360waste provides all the necessary tools so that the data can be entered, as well as updated in an easy way.




The data provided by the CAN BUS can be a key-element on road accident prevention, being that it is with this equipment that driving patterns can be revealed, as well as speeding and the non-use of the seat belt. This module works as an additional protection to the drivers work.


Agile and safe circuits

The tablet in the vehicle´s cabin makes the driver´s work faster, offering them real-time viewing of the collection locations, as well as of the circuit to be performed. The RFID technology on the vehicle, simplifies performance of tasks, allowing workers to focus merely on the container collection. 

Web platform

Versatile platform for all users, with simple and agile interfaces for an immediate interaction. The application performs in real time or offline, with each user having their own work calendar.



Let's transform the way you manage waste?

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