Promote the quality of the collected waste

The access control system allows management of clients, details and statistics. Additionally, it enables monitoring of the user's depositions and

information on the locations and clients with higher or lower productivity.

Access control
How does the access control system work?

The access control system enables management of users, deciding who is authorized to access, or not, to a certain container. A NFC card is made availabe to the client, which will later be allocated to any container through the back office system. This procedure may be performed at a distance, not existing the need to visit each container physically.

What information can be taken from this module?

With this system, entities will be able to access the  information derived from the container, as well as monitor user's depositions and know exactly at what time and date they are being performed.
Additionally, they will have the possibility to export productivity reports, analyze performance metrics and know which clients are being more and less productive.

In what way can the information be viewed?

This data stays available in the platform, both in graphic or report format, for a more detailed and quicker analysis.

What is this system's purpose?

On the long run, the purpose of this equipment is to start making the citizen accountable for his actions while using the PAYT method or, on the other hand, to reward him according to the quantity of waste that is being deposited. The data coming from this type of equipment also enables a waste level prediction, which will consequently allow planning of dynamic collections.

Modelo PAYT


The PAYT module is based on the application of two environmental policy principles: the polluter-pays module and the concept of shared responsibility. In both of these principles, it is assumed that the citizen is one of the main responsible in waste production, thus, he should pay for its corresponding costs.

Unlike a system where the waste fee is charged according to the water and electricity consumption, the citizens with PAYT system present a variable fee, which will solemnly depend on the waste produced. The use of this module has been a strong incentive for waste separation, enabling to differentiate the citizens who are colaborating, from those who are not, thus penalizing the latter.


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