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In order to significantly improve operational efficiency, it is crucial to adopt cutting-edge technology. The integration of advanced solutions not only optimizes operations, as it also can offer a fast and agile response to logistical challenges, thus contributing to an exceptionally flexible and efficient performance.

The 360Waste technology, including the hardware, is entirely developed in our company, which allows us to be flexible and adapt every product to the client's need.

Centralized information
The information from the Hardware and Software solutions allows real-time updating of the collection data. Employees and managers can perform their functions in a faster and easy way.
RFID antenna
Equipment located on the vehicle which guarantees container collection.
Push-button box
Instrumentalized on the back of the collection vehicle, this equipment enables the operator to enter quick information, such as filling-level or container anomalies.
Weighing system
Module installed between the chassis and the vehicle´s superstructure that enables weighing of the container´s load.
Can Bus
Device that collects essential inputs of the vehicle, which later allow performance analysis and operation optimization..
System that allows optimization of the collection operation, with real-time viewing of the circuits and data entry.

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With the 360Waste system, we transform challenges into opportunities. Share with us all your needs and prepare yourself for an innovative partnership.

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