Your device manages your waste now

GoBin, a free application available for both Android and iOS, aims to be a crucial tool for citizens, making them active members of the waste management process. Besides providing precise information on the nearest containers, it also allows the user to report anomalies. The feedback from the application, not only enables

collection entities to make more strategic decisions, as it can also identify the containers with critical filling levels. This approach promotes effective waste management and seeks to strengthen the collaboration between the collection entity and the citizen.


Know which containers are closer to you 

Do you want to throw away your waste, however, you don´t want to spend hours looking for the nearest empty container? GoBin will help you locate those containers, as well as the closest points of interest, while offering you an optimized circuit so you can reach your destination.

View the filling level

Before throwing away your waste, be sure to view the current filling level of the containers closer to your residence area, as well as the frequency in which they are being collected.

Perform collection requests

With the application, you will be able to request for your container to be collected and keep up with that same request in real time. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to contact the collection entity to clarify any existing doubts.

Find everything you need

With GoBin´s efficient search engine, recycling will no longer be a problem! When in doubt about a certain product, just ask our waste assistant - GoBin! He will offer you useful tips on how and where to recycle it.


Let's transform the way you manage waste?

With the 360Waste system, we transform challenges into opportunities. Share with us all your needs and prepare yourself for an innovative partnership.

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